First off, I’m so glad I decided to be apart of the 2019 One Artist Competition! It was such an amazing opportunity to perform on stage, attend bootcamp and learn so much about the music industry. I met so many talented artists who soon became my closest friends:) Overall, this was such a great experience and I made so many unforgettable memories with the crew! Thank you!!

– Doertaaa

One artist was a riot from start to finish. I connected with all the aspiring artists. I gained friends. It didn’t feel like we were against each other rather we were cheering each other on. I loved it and I will cherish it forever

– Lizzy Jones!

The one artist competition gave me an experience I will never forget. Coming from a small town of 700! Something like this was unheard of. Having this as a resource of info on artist development was a blessing. Not only was it an amazing experience to self improve, but I met lifetime friends and it’s exciting to see them all thrive. Bringing a diverse amount of people together, from so many genres and with so many talents… It’s breathtaking. I’ve had so many doubts before but being exposed to this competition showed me that it is possible. Anyone can follow a passion and can be rewarded…Can be seen. Overall, I loved it and I hope to compete again! Thank you One Artist! 🙏🏼💚☺️

– Carter Hickey

My experience with ONE Artist was unreal. It helped me step out of my comfort zones and the ones I worked with truly inspired me to open up and be confident, take chances, to help find myself. It didn’t even feel like a competition more like teamwork! Amazing connections were made with those who have the same goals and passions in life too. I learned a lot from the professionals who had so much experience in the industry, it has already helped me tremendously. I would totally love to do ONE Artist all over again!

– Maddie Sparks

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